Wednesday 7 January 2015

Review: Probabilistic techniques, data streams and online learning, from Ruminations of a Programmer

Ruminations of a Programmer is Debasish Ghosh's blog. He's the author of DSL in Action and Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling.

RoaP is a interesting site with a lot of functional programing in Scala, and pinches of BigData, NoSQL and streaming algorithms. It's very enjoyable, if you like this kind of things, of course.

The first post of this year, Probabilistic techniques, data streams and online learning - Looking forward to a bigger 2015, if we oversee the futurology, is a good start point for this kind of problems, with links to readeables introductions to the principal data structures.

And the perl of the article is a collection of must-reads from the autor that keeps in his github.

To read more:
If you like the foundations of the algorithms, and you are the kind of person who love LaTeX, Sublinear Algorithms for Big Datasets is a good place to visit.

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